Our vehicles departing from the European Garage in Aksaray, Istanbul, as seen on the map above, take our passengers coming from Bursa-McDonald’s resting facilities in the Izmit area at the McDonald’s resting facilities through Bursa and leave the Gerede junction. Respectively;

1-) Bolu Recreation Facilities;
2-) Çorum-Osmancık New Anatolian Recreation Facilities;
3-) Samsun-Rusen Facilities;
4-) In Giresun-Çavuşlu Recreation Facilities

After a half-hour meal and need break, we arrive in front of our Trabzon office to pick up our passengers. Here Turkey’s most extreme tool in our ongoing Ecevit, Recreation Facilities at the end of the lunch break comes at the Sarp Border Gate Road. After the passport controls, our buses entering Georgia come to Batumi, Kobuleti, Samtredia, Kutaisi, Khashuri, Gori, Tbilisi and Rustavi respectively. After the controls, Qazax, Şemkir, Gence, Yevlax, Kürdemir, and Hacıqabul route are reached to Baku.

Hope to see you on another Öz Hasanoğlu journey…

Recreational facilities

Recreational facilities